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Hutchinson Community College

• Hutchinson Community College is located in Hutchinson, Kansas.

• Hutchinson community college was established in 1928 under the name of Hutchinson Junior School.

• Hutchinson community college is controlled by public and is a co-ed community college.

• The co-ed status of the school consists of 48% men and 52% women.

• Hutchinson's programs are intended to be completed in two years or less, and the academic calendar is divided in semesters.

• The Hutchinson Junior School started in 1928 with 187 students. Out of which, 172 were freshmen and rest 15 were sophomores.

• The college later acquired more land in 1938 and Lockman hall was built on the Plum Street. Since then, there were many more additions to the old campus, like tennis court, library, stadium, athletic field, etc.

• Later in 1965, the name of this institution was changed to Hutchinson Community Junior College.

• The John F. Kennedy library got completed in the year 1966 along with a science hall named as Kopke Science Hall.

• Two new halls for male and female visitors, namely Elland Hall and Kent Hall were inaugurated in fall 1967.

• 425 acres of real estate was acquired by the college in 1970. This area is known as South campus and is primarily used for fire science, technical education, agriculture, and other needs.

• The college then occupied the area earlier used by Hutchinson Hospital Corporation in 1980. In 1980, the college got a new name, Hutchinson community college.

• After its further expansion in 1980 and 1989, the college merged with a native vocational school in 1993 and became to be known as Hutchinson community centre and area vocational school.

• The Shear Technology Lab was built in 1999 for technical and vocational programs.

• The head count of students in 2015 was about 6,000.

• Out of the total students, 47% students are full time and rest 53% are part time students.

• The college offers over 70 academic programs.

• HCC offers over 50 technical programs and strives to train its students on with the latest technology and equipment.

• The college offers its courses under 8 departments:

1) Allied Health Department.
2) Fine Arts Department.
3) Computer & Industrial Technology Department.
4) Language, Literature and Communication Department.
5) Business, Agriculture Family and Consumer Science Department.
6) Natural Science and Mathematics Department.
7) Public Safety Department.
8) Social Science Department.

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