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Maricopa Community Colleges

Maricopa Community Colleges is recognized as the oldest community college and higher education provider in United States. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Maricopa Community Colleges serves not only the metropolitan city of Phoenix which consists of 150,000 residents, but also to the other parts of United States.

And now today it stands out as one of the largest community college systems that exist in the whole world.

The main campus is situated in Midtown Phoenix. A downtown campus is also located in central business district of the city. The open fitness center and the open computer facilities can be defined as the main features of this school. A large number of clubs and societies can also be found inside the school system. A business club, Amnesty International and the Latin Dance club are just a few of them.

The school offers two hundred certificate and degree programs to local students. English, biology and nursing are some of the major programs.

The Applied Business Department offers a wide range of courses on marketing, management and fashion merchandising. Career based training for retail and food industry is offered through retail management degree and it consists of a 64 credit program. The physics, communication and legal studies departments offer degree programs along with certificate programs.

This college is filled with some unique and exciting features. Online educational facilities and excellent sports facilities are two unique features of this institute. It has been the starting ground for many eminent personalities in USA. The Teachers Preparation Program is another unique program offered by the school and it helps aspiring teachers in high schools to take classes while still keeping their teaching jobs. This is a part-time program specifically designed for the convenience of teachers.

The school follows an open admission policy. Candidates should be 18 years or above in age in order to apply and it is essential for them to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Online admission is also permissible in.

They offer academic and career counseling, remedial services and part time cost defraying employment programs for the convenience of students. There are student loans available which may will assist students to continue their studies.

Extensive morning and evening classes are also available in this higher education institute. You can find all the details about this service from their official website.

This school offers training that is geared both towards professional community and business development. Therefore it is regarded by many as one of the best community college institutes in the southwest.

Check out their website to learn more.

1202 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 285-7800

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