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Would a Community College Be Right for Your Situation?
These Schools are Affordable and Offer a Variety of Courses
You Can Earn an Associate's Degree or Just Take a Few Classes
If You Don't Have a School Near You, There are Online Options

Choices in Education

Are you considering community college?

This academic website is a short guide to some higher education opportunities.

You can locate information on enrolling at a technical or vocational school, earning a two-year associate’s degree, or attending career-specific learning and training classes on the weekends, evenings or online.

What are these Schools Like?
Community college typically refers to a public school that functions as either a career vocational training school or as a way for local students to complete an associate’s degree or to earn a significant amount of college credits before transferring to a four-year university.

These students are going over their class notes before the examThese state public schools will usually offer a variety of short training programs designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge they need to enter starting positions in their chosen field. These technical or vocational programs are usually completed in under two years.

Who Attends These Schools?
These schools offer short degree programs in the skilled trade professions, but they can also be in other areas, such as business, healthcare, graphic arts and many other quickly growing fields. Many programs award associate’s degrees to graduates.

Because these schools are less-expensive than large universities, a two-year school is also an affordable way for students to earn a college degree. They can enroll in general studies, liberal arts and other entry-level junior college courses and earn credits that can then be carried with them as they transfer to a four-year university.

Other students attend these schools for the continuing adult education courses. Adult education courses can help you fill the formal education void you may have with your current job. These schools offer job placement assistance as well.

Students can take a couple of classes, earn an associate’s degree or work all the way up to a bachelor’s degree.

Are There Other Options?
It's a good feeling to have your homework finishedBesides these two-year public colleges, there are also many good private schools that offer similar classes and degrees, most of which can also be earned in under two years.

Because not everyone lives close to one of these types of schools, there are online community colleges that offer individual classes and degree programs through online classes. Online learning is quickly becoming the preferred learning method of today’s students.

Use our handy search tool to see what kind of schools and degrees are available. You can search for traditional campus-based colleges as well as the most popular online schools.

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